Who We Are

We are crowdfunding enthusiasts and real estate developers, who have collectively raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding for our own real estate projects. We work with local, national, and international developers, all of whom are interested in financing projects quickly and safely, without the impediments of bank bureaucracy or crippling regulations.

Our mission is to connect accredited investors with real estate developers seeking capital for residential and small-to-midsize commercial projects. From coast to coast to your backyard in Northeast Ohio, Brelion is an illustrious new way to connect to real estate projects.


Vadim Kleyner

Founder and CEO

Konstantin Kolobkov

Cloud/mobile development

Tammy Wise

Marketing Strategy

Adam Bontrager

Investor Relations

Evgeniy Filatov

User Experience

Why We Do It

As real estate developers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to raise capital to fund projects. We also recognized that many investors who are interested in investing in real estate are also uncertain about the the high minimum capital requirements of many other real estate investing platforms.

Brelion’s goal is to bring together investors and developers of all sizes—through debt, mezzanine, and equity financing—and facilitate opportunities that would otherwise solely be available to corporate investors and big-name developers.

The brelion Solution

For Investors

Brelion offers investors a wide range of residential and commercial real estate investments in local, national, and international markets. All offerings are pre-vetted by our experienced team of real estate professionals. Our fees and minimum investment requirements are low, giving you the opportunity to achieve high returns, diversify your portfolio, and improve communities everywhere with ease and enjoyment.

For Real Estate Companies

Brelion provides real estate companies a durable 12 to 24 month financing solution, with minimal fees and advanced communication technology. The Brelion team promotes your project on our secure and vigorous platform, allowing you to raise capital for any real estate project quickly and fluidly through an expanding crowd base.