Brelion has provided a step-by-step process for real estate companies to raise capital on the platform. Our goal is to make financing projects easy and efficient, so you can advance to the construction stage of a project without spending all of your time and resources to find funding. The platform is the mediator between your company and crowd investors. We ensure proper communication and reporting as well as dispersal of funds and returns on investments.

1. Register with Register your company and project on 2. Have your project(s) vetted Brelion reviews information on your company and project, and will approve or reject the proposal within 24 hours. 3. Await Funding from Crowd Brelion will get the word out for your project and help you fund it in 14 days or fewer. 4. Send Monthly Updates Brelion requires you to send the crowd project updates on a monthly basis via phone or email. Updates may include photographs, revenue data, and reports from third-party visits to the property.

5. Make Monthly Interest Payments
    You make monthly payments on interest from projects financed with debt.

6. Exit and Pay Principal
After the project is completed, you exit and pay off the principal. Equity investors share in a percentage of the